Lesson Prices

Individual Lessons

Lesson TypeRobert LeonardMark LaskeyAlex Crawford
45 Minute Individual Lesson in The Tour Shed£45.00£45.00£45.00
On Course Playing Lesson£75.00£75.00£75.00
2 Hour Ultimate Lesson£120.00£120.00£120.00
45 minute lesson on practice area£45.00£45.00£45.00
1 hour Lesson Practice areaN/A£60.00N/A
60 minute individual lesson in The Tour Shed£60.00£60.00£60.00

Tour Shed Simulations

Lesson TypeOff Peak TimesPeak Times
Off-Peak Practice Session (8am-4pm)£15.00N/A
Off-Peak 1 Hour Simulation (8am-4pm)£30.00N/A
Off-Peak 2 hour simulation (8am-4pm)£60.00N/A
Off-Peak 3 hours simulation (8am-4pm)£90.00N/A
Peak Time 1 Hour Simulation (4pm-10pm)N/A£50.00
Peak Time 2 Hour Simulation (4pm-10pm)N/A£100.00
Peak Time 3 Hour Simulation (4pm-10pm)N/A£150.00

Tour Shed Extras

Lesson TypeRobert LeonardLouis Hindle
Club MOT£50.00£50.00
Ball FittingN/A£40.00
Gapping Test£40.00£40.00

Group lessons

Lesson TypeRobert LeonardAlex Crawford
Ladies Get Into Golf£60.00N/A
Junior GroupN/A£100.00

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