Golf Course

The course itself is not long. Nine of the holes are one-shotters though four of these are long enough to make the matter highly problematical for the ordinary player; there are few bunkers, it being difficult to cut up common land as one might wish. But the greens are small, and cunning advantage has been taken of the bumps and hollows and the fiendishness of vegetation. The shot has to go where it should – and stay there.

And even if your score has been a lot higher than you expected from the length – and it will be – you will have been solaced by the setting of the place. Pleasant houses peep through the screens of trees here and there. You wend your way among secluded woodlands and spinneys and thickets, where they may make a riotous show at the season, and there is a mighty choir of birds. It is a pleasant place indeed.

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