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Smart shoes this season

Robert Leonard

27 September 2021

Putting the spikeless shoes back in the cupboard is not usually a lot of fun. That is, of course, unless you’re swapping them out for a brand-new pair of spiked shoes. But where do you start when looking for this new pair?

The fact you can wear this pair year-round is a huge bonus!

That’s exactly what FootJoy has delivered in its eComfort ladies’ golf shoes. You can keep the luxury of looking your absolute best as you walk the course, whether the sun is shining or it’s bucketing down with rain, thanks to FootJoy’s stylish design.

And, if the rain does fall, who cares? You’ve got waterproof protection! In fact, the Pular LP cleats, designed by the industry-leading experts at Softspikes, give you unparalleled grip whether the ground is soft or hard.

FootJoy eComfort ladies' golf shoes
FootJoy eComfort golf shoes

We love these shoes, but that’s really no surprise given FootJoy’s knack for making footwear that look and feel great. The fact you can wear this pair year-round is a huge bonus! It means you can enjoy winter golf so much more and, in turn, be playing your best golf by next summer.

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